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Nunslaughter - The Devil's Congeries Vol. 2 - D-CD

Nunslaughter - The Devil's Congeries Vol. 2 - D-CD
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Nunslaughter - The Devil's Congeries Vol. 2 - D-CD

Hells Headbangers INFO:

Once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS opens the vaults and collects a whopping ten NUNSLAUGHTER 7" EPs to answer the black prayers of the band's rabid, diehard fanbase! Entitled The Devil's Congeries Vol. 2, this 2-LP set is the first of many exhaustive collections that will compile every single short-length NUNSLAUGHTER vinyl release - a band whose discography is bested number-wise only by Japan's Sabbat and Belgium's Agathocles. NUNSLAUGHTER's best work is considered by many to be their 7" EPs, and The Devil's Congeries Vol. 2 displays the band's trademark Devil Metal in all its diabolical 'n' dirty glory, collecting EPs and splits from the late '90s and early 2000s - four 7"s alongside the band's half of splits with Grand Belial's Key, Derketa, Cianide, Dr. Shrinker, Nocturnal, and Centinex - and capped off by the super-rare Tasting the Blood of Your Savior 7". As a bonus, the CD version features the long out of print live releases of Hell on Holland and Hell on Austria, where NUNSLAUGHTER get truly raw 'n' rowdy. Topped off by an elaborate booklet archiving each EP's cover artwork and pressing information The Devil's Congeries Vol. 2 is mandatory metal worship!

DISC #1:
1-3 split w/ Derketa 7" EP (1999)
4-6 split w/ Grand Belials Key 7" EP (2001)
7-8 split w/ Dr. Shrinker 7" EP (2001)
9 split w/ Cianide 7" EP (2002)
10-11 split w/ Nocturnal 7" EP (2004)
12 split w/ Centinex 7" EP (2003)
13-16 The Supreme Beast 7" EP (2004)
17-20 The Bog People 7" EP (2004)
21-24 Cerebus 7" EP (2003)
25-31 Tasting the Blood of Your Savior 7" EP (2003)

DISC #2 - Live in 2000:

1-6 Hell on Holland 7" EP (2008)
7-20 Hell on Austria 12" LP (2003)

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