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Horna - Sudentaival - Gatefold LP

Horna - Sudentaival - Gatefold LP
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Horna - Sudentaival - Gatefold LP

Vinyl-reissue of Horna's 3rd full length album, Sudentaival, originally released in 2001. This version comes as a Gatefold LP,
with heavy vinyl.  

To get the best possible result, the original master tapes were obtained from Asta Studio, to completely re-mix & master the album.

Horna's mastermind Shatraug adds: 

"Back in the late 90's and year 2000 when I wrote "Sudentaival" I knew the material was strong, as it still is, yet the album itself became a sum of bad production choices and a foreword for change. While it was the best work up to date, none of the members who were with me back then participated on any future full-length albums. Many of it's songs are still in our live repertoire and to me they sound as fresh as in the time they were written. However, how the album was mixed and mastered always bothered me until I took the time to obtain all the original files and had it remixed entirely - this is the vision represented here: full, rich and without unnecessary digital additions." 

Horna - Sudentaival - Gatefold LP

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