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Acrimonious - Eleven Dragons - DLP

Acrimonious - Eleven Dragons - DLP
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Acrimonious - Eleven Dragons - DLP

W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS is proud to present ACRIMONIOUS' highly anticipated third album, Eleven Dragons. A work of unimaginable might, of enduring and unyielding spiritual will, Eleven Dragons is the sound of serious and thoroughly occult BLACK/DEATH metal given shape and successive flight. It is the many-splendored brilliance of eternal (and eternally damning) illumination, spread across 11 hymns in an engrossing 'n' engaging 67 minutes. It is the promise - and subsequent sonic manifestation, at their respective times of study - of ACRIMONIOUS' celebrated first two albums taken yet further into the hungry, ever-beckoning void. It is METAL, hailing the mysteries of death and draped in the blackest of shadows, unfurled full fathom across the ecstasy of sin and Satan. It is verily Eleven Dragons, at the threshold of The Beyond.

The vinyl version of Eleven Dragons comes as a Double LP, incl. a 24 pages LP booklet. 

Acrimonious - Eleven Dragons - DLP

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