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Urfaust - Empty Space Meditation - LP

Urfaust - Empty Space Meditation - LP
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Urfaust - Empty Space Meditation - LP

Recorded down at the bunker with Herr DEPORTATOR behind the knobs, URFAUST managed to ban another haunting masterpiece into tape! URFAUST is always going different directions on every release, but this time, they managed to take everything one step further: the revered and praised "URFAUST-Sound" has managed to go further and further into unexplored territories of the dark cosmos, resulting in one hell of a trip consisting of 6 songs that will take you beyond…

- Six songs / around 44 minutes
- Recorded down at the Bunker by Herr Deportator & Urfaust in 2015 / 2016
- Mastered by Engel at Temple of Disharmony
- Cover artwork by ThornyThoughts Artwork
- Pictures by Nona Limmen

The Vinyl Record Edition:

- fullcolored sleeve with hotfoil embossing
- printed innersleeves
- two sides huge 90*60cm poster printed in 4c folded to 30*30cm
- 180g darkblue vinyl

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